Monday, August 30, 2010

Antelope Valley Fair

My next adventure was to attend the Antelope Valley Fair in Lancaster, California. The fair has been around since 1938 and its signature event is called the Rural Olympics where people compete in such events as hay bailing, tractor races, and gravel truck transfer. I know when most folk’s think of California, hay bailing contests is one of the last things that would come to your mind. But here in California we really do have a little bit of everything city, everything country, and everything in between.

I spent my day at the fair of course sampling some of the delicious fair foods as well as browsing through some of the contest entries for baked goods, quilts, dolls, canned food, and table settings. There were tons of rides, food booths, and live entertainment. Some of the entertainment included turkey races which was ironically located very close to a booth that sold barbecue turkey legs. Since it was Sunday there was an entertainment stage that had various performances scheduled from local churches including drama performances, singing, and praise dancing. One of my favorite areas of the fair I must say was the petting zoo. I couldn’t wait to take my almost 2 year old daughter over to see and touch the animals up close and in person. She had a blast and giggled every time a pig or goat licked her hand. So of course I decided what a great photo opportunity to take a picture with the animals wearing my crown and banner, right?

WRONG! This photo looks innocent enough right? Let's look again at a photo taken a few seconds later....

Notice where the goat’s neck is, does it look a little strange? Well it turns out while my mom was snapping photos, a goat was eating my banner, YUCK! I guess they like the shinny rhinestones. Well all in all my banner did barely survive (thank goodness), and I had a great day at the Antelope Valley Fair.

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