Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Full Weekend

My weekend started off with a quick stop at the Route 66 Rendezvous in San Bernardino, California. As a former Ms Route 66 Queen (2005) and a home owner in the city of San Bernardino, I always look forward to this event.  The Rendezvous is a four day long event but my weekend is already so jam packed with activities that on my drive home from work is the only free time I had to squeeze it in.  The Rendezvous is sponsored by one of the Inland Empire's largest grocery store chains (Stater Brothers), whose headquarters is down the street from my house. Here I am with the National Route 66 Ambassador Terry Kafides and Miss California Route 66 Joanna Martinez.

Next up was a journey to Irvine to judge the Orange County Cinderella Preliminary Pageant.  This pageant has age divisions for babies on up to 26 years old and even boys up to age 6.  They compete in interview or playtime, talent/personality, sportswear and party wear.  Cinderella is another pageant system that is close to my heart and as a former preliminary, state, and International Queen I look forward to any opportunity I have to spend with my Cindy Sisters.  Pictured here with me is the reigning California Overall Teen Lauren Creger, California Overall Miss Madeline Karnes, and California Cindy Girl Savannah Preuss, and below is the Orange County Overall Woman Tiffany Kaufmann.

I started out my Sunday morning at the American Coed Pageants Boot Camp for the California Queens.  I started competing with Coed Pageants back in the early 90's and this is where my love for pageants really started to grow.  As a former state Coed queen and National Woman queen I know first hand what goes into preparing for the fun filled competition week at Disney World in Florida.   The Queens spent this weekend together not only preparing for the National Pageant this November but also participating in a weekend filled with photo shoots, make-up lessons, gifts from pageant sponsors including a sponsored dinner at TGI Fridays and clothing from Celebrity Pink Jeans and just a great overall bonding experience for the girls and mom's alike.  Way to go state director Camille Winters for a job well done putting this all together. Pictured here are queens: Amy Rice, Sidnie Walls, Haley-Shea Nichols, Denise Jenkins Alexis and Randilyn Seebalac, Isabella Satgliano, Brittany Carr, and Emily Honng.

My last stop of the weekend was at the Ethnic World International Pageant in Los Angeles.  This pageant celebrates cultural diversity and community service.  The pageant was founded by Mrs Earth 2008 Yolanda Makle.  The contestants were judged on interview, community service, fashion wear, sportswear, evening gown and my favorite cultural expression.  During the cultural expression competition we saw everything from singing to dancing, to cooking and history lessons about various countries.  Needless to say after the competition I was starving for some of the delicious food we saw and heard about and I was ready to go to the airport to visit some of the wonderful countries I learned about.  What a fun way to wrap up my weekend.  Pictured below here I am on the red carpet with my daughter who had a chance to wear her crown and banner from California Tropics and be a part of the visiting royalty.  Also below is Marlena Martin Ms Ethnic World 2009 and the newly crowned Ms Ethnic World (and former Mrs California Earth) Michelle Villanova.

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