Friday, May 6, 2011

Grilled Cheese Invitational

OMG! I have fallen in Love with CHEESE! Who knew there were so many ways to make a grill cheese sandwich?  What an adventure my daughter and I had at the Grill Cheese Invitational where we had a chance to stuff ourselves silly with cheese! Now out of the over 200 competitors unfortunately I didn't get to taste as many as I wanted as a registered member of the judging society but we did have our fair share along with all of the other free food goodies and food trucks you could sample from.  But it sure would have been nice to be an executive judge so I could have attempted to taste all 200+ hundred sandwiches.  The best ones were by far in the Honey Pot category, this was the desert category. Now if you are wondering how in the world do you put cheese in a desert and make it taste good well remember there are many different kinds of cheese out there in the world and not just your cheddar varieties.  In this category cheeses like mascarpone, marzipan, brie, goat cheese, cream cheese and the like were used.  I must say in addition to getting my fill of cheese this day I was educated and entertained and this cheesyful event that was packed to the brim with cheese lovers.  They had a really cool marching band called march forth with stilt walkers that performed and I only have one word to describe them, AWESOME! There was also a neat poetry contest all about cheese and an outrageous costume contest where Jesus Christ was the winner (the day before Easter how ironic). I think the only thing this event is missing is the little miss and mister grill cheese pageant.  Hummm, have I found a new calling??????????

The Photo of the Day
lol, Bianca is modeling her cheese sample (I love cheese too mommy, see "cheese") she ate about 10 of them

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