Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who is Lana Henry - My Bio

Who is Lana Henry besides just being Ms Earth 2011?  Well I decided to post my bio so that you can learn a little bit more about me and my life, so enjoy!

Lana Henry is a resident of the city of San Bernardino.  This former model has been involved in pageantry for over 20 years.  She has held several titles locally, nationally and internationally and a few of her titles include: Miss California Teen of the Nation, Miss Chino, Miss Upland, Miss California Coed, Miss West Coast, Miss International Beauty, Ms American Rose, International Cinderella Woman, World’s Universal Girl, Ms Route 66, Royal Essence Grand Supreme, Gold Coast Elegant Lady, Ms American Coed Woman and Ms Earth 2011. Lana has experience and titles in various types of pageant systems including Glitz, Natural, Talent, Scholarship, MAO, and USA.  Competing extensively all over the United States and Mexico, she has even had the honor of representing our country at the Miss International Pageant in Tokyo, Japan.  Being named one of the top 10 women in Pageantry for the year 2003 by a top media source in Asia, is just a small piece of her successful pageant career.

Lana is a professional entertainer and a classically trained singer, who sings in 6 different languages, performing regularly at various events and functions around the country.  Holding advanced degrees in performing arts, political science with a pre law concentration, and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership, Lana works as a Los Angeles County Juvenile Deputy Probation Officer (13 years) and teaches in the criminal justice department at the University of Phoenix.  Lana’s has dedicated her life to empowering juvenile delinquents and developing gender specific programming for young female offenders.  As a much sought after performer, speaker, and educator, she stays active in California and other states around the country providing a countless number of hours to the youth of our communities. 

With a passion for service and leadership and desiring to utilize all of her talents, Lana runs her own business.  Pageant Style Productions specializing in event planning and preparing pageant hopefuls for upcoming competitions. Lana personally believes in the power of pageantry and works with young girls and women encouraging their participation in pageantry and community service.  On top of all these activities Lana is also a busy single mother to a 2 year old daughter named Bianca who also compete's in pageants.

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