Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

It's time for more strawberries!  This time I headed on over to Orange County to check out another festival in honor of my favorite fruit the strawberry.  This event is a 3 day long festival full of celebrities, parades, kids pageants, contests, entertainment, shopping, and of course food.  We managed to squeeze on in for a trip during the last day of the fair.  So while we missed meeting Miss Garden Grove along with other featured TV celebrities we did make it in time before the strawberries were all gone.  Before we hit the strawberry trail we stopped for burgers and fresh roasted corn, followed by some rides.  These were some of the biggest carnival rides I have ever seen.  They felt and looked more like true amusement park thrill rides versus the smaller versions you usually encounter at traveling carnivals.  Now since admission is free the rides were pretty pricey but I can see why this festival has become a favorite among the local teenagers. The strawberry treat I decided to dive into was called the Strawberry Supreme.  It had pound cake, strawberries, ice cream and whip cream piled up high, so it was more like a strawberry shortcake with a special ice cream center hidden inside.  What a refreshing treat to end a sweet day.

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